Holiday Count Down


Get your Holiday greetings and clothes ready. Only 16 weeks before Christmas. Message or comment with contact information and I will set you up with an appointment for designing your cards or fitting your outfits.

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Early morning visitor, Puppy vs Squirrel


Mr Squirrel, in his bravery, says good morning. BenE used every ounce of his being to hold back his Terrier instincts. Look closely and you can see BenE shaking. He is an amazing little furry guy, love his gentleness. PLEASE ignore the dirty porch and enjoy the beauty of the moment of trust between nature’s creatures.

Holidays are on the way


There are 16 more weeks to December 25th, 2017! I’m counting down to Christmas, there are only 114 days to go. So if you want uniquely designed Holiday cards get your orders in now. Email with your contact info.

Remember these are samples, I will customize and personalize with your color and style choices. Contact me here with a comment, personal message or email with your contact information and or order. If you have a picture, Pinterest, Etsy or other idea attach it to your message with details (size, quantity, time frame) so I can give you a quote. Don’t forget other Holidays Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc, teachers, secretaries and others.

School Clothing Alterations


It’s back-to-school time – and time to start getting your school wardrobe alterations complete. School uniform/clothing alterations and Repairs are also a big part of getting ready for school – and they aren’t limited to private schools or students! Teachers and other staff lose weight, buttons and break zippers too. When your kids wear uniforms, there are a number of additional maintenance issues that require your attention. If the zipper is broken, the buttons missing, Hem too long/short, or tears, they have to be fixed before the BIG DAY. From the navy polo shirt, to the plaid skirt, I’ve got your family. To save time, feel free to pin or notate the length needed quick turnaround. Contact me on my Facebook with a comment, personal message or email with your contact information and availability for appointments.