The truth of Memoir


“There is no more potentially contentious group than family. We all know that to be true. Holidays with family bring stress. Visits from parents prompt us to unlock the liquor cabinet. The person who grows up to be a writer or artist of another sort is almost always the family member who witnessed her family members at their worst— abuse, horrible fights, alcoholism, and so on. We were the ones who rarely spoke about what we saw, but what we saw ate away at our insides, begging to be told. We were the truth tellers, the light shiners, the ones who were eternally misunderstood. And here we are, finally, before our screens, our fingers”


The Truth of Memoir: How to Write about Yourself and Others with Honesty, Emotion, and Integrity by Cohen, Kerry

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  1. Are you serious about being published and you can get the ISBN here get the ISBN here and then go with They cost me nothing to publish but the handling the whole sale you can get just one or as many as you need. I am working on getting my anthology done and you have your cover art for your book as I was looking at it. I am working on two anthologies the introduction writer on the anthology I am nearly done with she will have a distinct look — a dress drawn right from literature, then two layers of stockings (one being a pair of fishnets and the other being fleece lined, and a pair of boots.) She has a leather jacket she can wear with the dress as the anthology is highly researched about each story that went into public domain or copyright not renewed. I had found rare short stories that some haven’t seen in years or via wikisource about their copyright status and that allowed me to go and do what I am going to accomplish as some writers never appeared together in life.


    • Yes I am serious about publishing. I’ve decided to go with a small local publishing house, Saltwater Media. I like the idea of supporting a local business and they like supporting local writers. That picture isn’t what I envisioned for my cover. I’m wanting something like a forked path through the forest lined with Victorian style doors that have ornate knows and locks.


      • Some may not realize I was published off and on via online since I was 20 years old but sold to magazines here and there from 2005-2007 but been busy with my own publishing career. I have a new short story out on Kindle called The Conservative. I developed this dark menacing delivery I write with since I was 14 years old but when I was 20 I reinvented it to a Gothic Horror delivery that’s urban tinged — more reality based Gothic Horror; using real places and real neighborhoods like Richard Matheson does..

        Writing An Eye In Shadows allowed me to go into directions that are even more frightening and real. As you will see a meta-fictional Gothic Horror story that saw an oil painting for the cover art.. I am finishing up a new anthology and have some freebies going around; An Eye In Shadows became unabridged and my preferred version. I was already writing 14 years leading into becoming published the first time. My writing period is 1990 and found anthologies that came out during my writing period.

        The one who is handling one of my anthology introductions is a first time writer; and she will be doing a shoot with Joliet James and at the Hemingway Boyhood home. It’s best for me to show you the anthology and the front matter notes that are my entire research on one project. Then the other is an ensemble anthology where the entire roster are writers born between 1973-1979 to tie into An Eye In Shadows. I have the ISBN and working with Blurb to get this one out there. I am an anthology only publisher and that’s what I do aside from releasing my own material and obscure releases in public domain and introducing them.


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