School Daze


As we share yearbooks, playbills and other school mementos and take these trips down memory lane. I don’t know about anyone else, but it helps me to reconnect with my roots and remember my blessings. The awesome people I went to school with for 12 years will always be part of who I am. In the end it didn’t matter if we were introverts, nerds, creeps, rich, poor, popular, invisible, a sports star or beauty queen, from the wrong side of town, the bad boy, worse the bad girl, the teacher’s pet, class clown or even the class pain in the ass.


Collectively we have done amazing things, learned valuable lessons, shed our school hierarchy system, roles and reputations. Some of us have remained close through the years, while some have floated in and out of touch. Those that in the days of football games, dances, homework, fun and tears wouldn’t even speak passing in the hall now link on social media and even have get togethers.


With heavy heart I write that we all have lost a few of our classmates. Please cherish your memories of them for they will be forever young, forever missed, but never forgotten.


We are strong amazing people, we are intelligent, valuable, beautiful and part of each other. Without the interaction of each of our classmates, no matter how insignificant it might have seemed, that moment, word, wink, expression, hug or even slap helped mold the people we have become.


Be proud of where you are from, embrace the good and bad, for those are the seedlings from which you have grown.