Reason to be on Earth


I love this invitation. Unfortunately with only residing in one room of of home (until mom’s time to move on to her next chapter) my external clutter situation is contained now. I would love to and will continue the internal declutter journey however. I had been doing that, a pretty good job too, until I let the outside get in the way again. Sometimes moving home to deep generational roots can put a hitch in your giddy up. Being a Nomadic person without deep roots or being transplanted for many years can be good things for physical, emotional and mental packrat prone personalities. Just my randomness ramblings of the day.

This was my comment this morning to today’s assignment

“This is going to take me a pen, pad of paper and some quiet time but I think it’s a good assignment for me today. First it’s up to the 6th floor to help my neighbor.”

Well helping my neighbor actually helped me. She needed someone to help her take pictures of and list some China on eBay. While doing that of course we chatted. I don’t know why but we both did some soul, mind and memory cleaning, maintenance and decluttering. This was an amazing experience and day. She is a local celebrity, does many public speaking engagements and teaches public speaking as well. After hearing some of my “clutter and baggage” and reading a bit of my memoir she wants to groom me for her publisher and teach me public speaking. I’m very flattered but as I told her, I’m not a stand in front of people kind of person. But I write because if by airing my dirty laundry I can help just one person on this earth realize that nothing is so bad that they can’t overcome it and learn something from it. That’s when I will know I have done what I was put on earth to do. I do things and react to things learn from things so I can teach others and hold them close enough to say I overcame that so can you, never quit never give up.

All I was planning was to do my friend and neighbor a favor she did so much more for me. Now to do today’s assignment.

1) The reason I am on planet earth 

I given this some thought and searched inside myself. I really believe the reason I am here is to get it right this time. This probably sounds out there to some, but remember feelings and beliefs are personal and unique. My belief is in a higher power we are all connected to. I feel this world we call earth is where we are reborn to live, die and repeat until our individual soul is ready for the next level of existence. 

With that being said I think I am here to learn how to love and respect myself as much as I do others. Not to be selfish or conceited but to take the people pleaser self sacrificing behavior and use a little for myself. I have always felt an uncontrollable need to give my everything, down to a draining point, to anyone I thought needed it more. This goes back to early childhood and at times has caused great harm and pain. Until a very few years ago putting myself first was never ever an option for me. So after much thought I think I am here to learn to love, appreciate, put my soul first (not in a selfish way) and to help guide others to learn their path also.


2) What do I think my mission and gifts are?Have I been sharing them with the world or not? 

I guess my mission is basically to love my self as much as I do others and teach as many fellow humans as I can the same even if only by example. My gifts are my willingness to be friendly and strike up conversations with anyone. I always try to find common ground to connect with people. I trust until you prove I should not. I have the gift of storytelling and humour. As for sharing them with the world, here lies my hurdle. I think too often I share so much with the world there is nothing left for me.


3) I hide my suffering to make others feel better. How does this apply to questions 1 & 2?

This applies because it is soooo much easier and within my comfort zone to focus on people pleasing and others happiness than putting the effort into mine. But I’m just going to keep coming back until I get this right and will never reach the next level of existence.