I was recently asked for advice on how to forgive someone. This is what I said to the 15 year old girl. I wish someone had told me this at 15.


“Forgiveness for someone that has hurt or wronged us is for ourselves, unless they ask for forgiveness. We can forgive without even letting the person or people know you’ve done it. Also just because you forgive doesn’t mean you have to forget either just accept, learn from it and go on.” Nora Grudis


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Ken Fracaro

Content/Copy Editor & Formatter

Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I have told others that when you forgive someone else, you are really forgiving yourself. A person is only hurting themselves by being upset with another person.”


Nora Grudis

“Yes Ken Fracaro I agree. If I had not found forgiveness for people who have hurt me, such as my abusive ex, I actually would still be a victim 33 years after escaping from him. I forgave, found acceptance as well as embraced the strength, humility and compassion I gained from the hell he put me through. I cannot forget because it is part of who I am but I forgive him because I have the strength and courage to do so. I choose forgiveness and freedom rather than the binding chains of hatred and blame.” Nora


Ken Fracaro

“Nora, you are an inspiration to others because you showed strength and wisdom by forgiving others but not forgetting. You are going on with your life, and I sincerely believe that you will be successful with anything you attempt. You learned from the past and that makes your outlook of the future brighter and more attainable. Take care and keep looking ahead to new opportunities for yourself.” Ken