Spent the day on our balcony writing and editing! The creativity gods were smiling on me today. Five more chapters of “The Path Taken” ready for print!

Also outlined my next children’s book! Very productive day and I feel good.

My inspirational view


This is the view from our balcony today. Surely my muse will be inspired and send my imaginary friends to get me out of this block.

As the saying goes ” writer’s block is when you’re imaginary friends won’t talk to you” bah ha ha ha.

Happy writing and creating today and every day!



Hello Spring Renewal


Hello all!

Hope your spring has been and will continue to be an awesome time of renewal for you. It’s the perfect time for your creativity to bloom.

Just checking in to let you know that due to the overwhelming response to my chapters of “The Path Taken” I will no longer be posting complete chapters on my blogs or social networks. I am going forward and publishing my memoir in its entirety as an e-book and in hard copy. I will post in all venues when it is ready for purchase and where you can find it.

Thank you all for the encouragement to go further and take the next step. I’ll still be here and post other stories as well as my progress.

Thanks again and blessings to all, Nora

Just a word on comments


Hello readers, thanks for visiting and reading my blog. So many of you have posted such wonderful comments. I’m trying to catch up with my replies. If I haven’t gotten to yours yet please be patient I will.

Also sorry for the long wait from one post to the next. My husband and I became full-time (24/7/365) caregivers for my mother-in-law a year ago. So time for editing and posting doesn’t always work out. That’s ok because she’s the only parent we have left and we’re enjoying all the stories and Grudis/Jones families history we get the privilege of learning.

Keep visiting though and spread the word. I do plan on publishing soon. Our youngest daughter is editing and illustrating “Joey” so I can republish it on Amazon. Stay tuned for that.

If there’s any publishers or agents out there among my readers, I’m open to advice, critics or offers. You can message me here or email

Again thanks for reading,