Just venting


How do you concentrate on writing when someone continually comes to your office door? I must hear this a dozen times while I’m trying to write, “knock knock, can I interrupt you for a minute? “.

Guess my only recourse is to set my alarm for 2am and write when people sleep. Or I could find a cave (with power & Wi-Fi of course) and become a recluse.

I really need to get my chicken scratch notes typed and submitted.

Writer’s block or Queen of procrastination?


Well this morning I received a text from my dearest lifelong friend. She was looking for my e-book and any blog updates. This was the nudge I’ve needed. My children’s book I took off Amazon for illustrating, haven’t finished yet. I’ve been letting life, family and other commitments take up my time. Therefore I have several books in different stages (to be edited, illustrated, completed or published) and blogs that need attention. I really didn’t realize it has been two months since I put anything online.
Thank you so very much CJ for the nudge! God always finds a way to slap me on the back of my head to wakeup. He usually uses you or Mark to do it.
Ok New year so I’ll make a goal… at least 2 hours everyday I will work on my writing and put no less than 1 sentence on my blog. I can’t remember who this quote is from but
“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today unless you can die without doing it”.