Hysterectomy ~ a funny definition for a horrible post surgery day



 Definition; To make history hystery of.

 As in………….

 PMS (have to find new reason to be a moody bitch).


Worrying about unsightly bulges or spots seen from behind you.

Buying those ugly cotton underwear (now you can wear Victoria’s Secret pretty panties Anytime).

Going through the checkout line and everyone knows what time of the month it is.

Carrying a big “Diaper Bag” purse ( Now you can have a small fashion bag)

Water retention.


Making sure there is a bathroom to “Change” in.

Short trips (Now you can go all day as long and as far as you want)

Worrying about missing your period.

Having to remember if it is the last day or first day the Dr. needs to know about.

And so on, and so on, etc., etc., yada, yada, yada !

 ~ Nora L. Grudis ( 7/03/2002 )

My Writing Subject Matter


What I have written is my life or at least how I remember it. My hope is that someone may read it then realize they are not alone, someone does understand and has survived, maybe not completely overcome (that is ongoing), but survived. Be it suicide of a loved one, thinking about it or trying it yourself. Murder of a loved one, being abused sexually, mentally and physically. Self medication with sex, food, drugs, alcohol, shopping or whatever I could find. Or even suffering with depression and the ongoing devastation of being a Rapid Cycling Manic Bipolar trying to live a normal life (whatever that is).

I am the seventh child of seven, but was raised more like an only child due to the age gap between the first six and myself. It was more like having an older brother, 2 uncles and 3 aunts.

I have written an autobiographical story about my discovery of how and why I made certain choices in my life. It includes..

  1. Death of my oldest brother (aftershock of Vietnam)
    2. My overly sexual teens & early twenties, physical, sexual, mental, substance and food abuse
    3. Double murder of my other brother and his girlfriend
    4. My attempted suicide (twice)
    5. Two abusive marriages (1 abused me the other my kids)
    6. Converting to Catholicism
    7. Getting married the third time on Friday the 13th at 1300 hrs
    8. Having a test-tube baby
    9. Oh so much more

Basically my life has been several really screwed up Lifetime movies. After putting most of it on paper it seems unbelievable all of this has happened to one person in her 50 years of life. The running joke in our family is that one of us should write a book, but no one would ever believe it is a true story.

When I told one of my sisters I finally wrote “That Book”, she actually said I should be careful not to mention any of their names so they don’t sue, yes we are that dysfunctional. Not to worry this is based only on my part of the story not my 3 sisters or 3 brothers. Although caricatures are based on real people all names have been changed. 

My goal is to be published in hopes that my story might help someone and let people know you can be in control and use the ugly in your life to make yourself and your life beautiful.

I do have other books, short stories, children’s stories & poems. Some of my work is Nonfiction and others fiction.